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☆ Winter Symphony

Winter Symphony // Jpop Music Blog
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music rotation, jpop, kpop, cpop

Welcome to Winter Symphony, a music rotation site. =D Singles and albums are for members only, whereas the music rotation (songs) is open for all! So feel free to join us!! ^_^

1. The music posted up are for sampling reasons only. Please delete them after 48 hours of aqquiring them and support the artists through: Yes Asia, Play Asia + More

2. Join or watch the community! Right now, it's open for everyone to view and watch but I might change it to members in the future. It'll make me feel happy. =D And more updates for you~ And feel free to friend my livejournal as well. XD I don't bite.

3. Comment if you download. That way, I know someone is downloading. =D Commenting isn't that hard, a little thanks never hurt anyone.

4. Don't distribute the links elsewhere without credit and link back to this community. =D Or, you could just direct them to the community. Sharing is caring!

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